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Welcome to Kanyata

Kanyata enables like yours
to sell stock and bonds, directly to the public, in Israel and around the world.
In 15 minutes or less, start investing and trading in Israel's best companies, online.

Issue Stocks and Bonds online
Raise funds for your start-up or business by selling stocks and bonds in your own crowdfunded online CSO.
Invest and Trade Online
Invest as little as ₪50 and as much as ₪6,000,000. And then trade your equity online right through the Kanyata platform.
International and open access
Investors anywhere in the world can invest through Kanyata. We're open 24/7 and fully bilingual (English and Hebrew).
Kanyata makes it easy

We make it easy for you to raise funds online from investors in Israel and abroad, and for you to invest in Israel's most exciting companies.

Your own CSO of Stocks and Bonds

On Kanyata, create your online CSO and sell stocks or bonds directly to the public. You can raise up to ₪6 million every year.

Crowd-Powered confident investing

Leverage the knowledge of the crowd in investing in Israel's most exciting companies on a platform regulated and licensed by the Israel Securities Authority.

Open to All

Kanyata is for businesses looking to grow, early-stage start-up companies, or social businesses looking to change the world.

Full Support

Our team of professional advisors and marketing managers will guide you in creating your successful CSO campaign.

International platform

Large and small investors from Israel and around the world can invest and trade on Kanyata in 17 global currencies.

Regulation and security

Kanyata is PCI-compliant to protect your payment and trading data, and licensed and regulated by the Israel Securities Authority.

Raise Funds and Invest - Without all the Drama

If you're looking to raise funds or invest them, you've come to the right place

Raising Funds for your Company

How does it work?
Kanyata is a platform, licensed by the Israeli Securities Authority, that allows you to sell equity in your company, online and to the general public. With Kanyata you can sell up to ₪6,000,000 in stocks or bonds in what we call a CSO - a Crowd Stock Offering.

Your Online Offering
Your CSO is like an online crowdfunding campaign, except that instead of selling a product, it's your company that you're selling! In your CSO, you set a goal of how much you want to raise from the public, in the form of stocks or bonds. You set the initial equity price, and determine the valuation of your company. If you reach your funding goal, we distribute your equity to your funders. If you don't reach your goal, everyone gets their money back.

How much does it cost?
There is a one-time registration fee for registering and creating your online CSO. If your CSO is successful, we then collect a success fee, a small percentage of what you've raised. Your funders pay no fees at all for participating in your CSO.

Investing and Trading

What is Kanyata?
On Kanyata, you can invest online in Israeli start-ups, growth companies, and social businesses. Investing is as easy as shopping online: just pick the company that you want to invest in, and enter your credit card or Paypal details. Anyone in Israel and around the world can invest through Kanyata, and you can create a free online account in 10 minutes or less.

Is it regulated, and is it risky?
Kanyata is regulated by the Israel Securities Authority (the equivalent of the American S.E.C.), and what you buy on Kanyata are actual securities - stocks and bonds of an incorporated Israeli company. With that, remember that investing in private companies is always risky (especially in start-ups). But by using crowd-wisdom, we take some of the risk out of investing: every Kanyata campaign is backed by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of investors, who all decided that this investment was a good bet.

What are the costs?
Creating a Kanyata account is free, and buying stocks or bonds through a Kanyata CSO is also free. And if the CSO that you participate in is not successful, you always receive back 100% of your investment - guaranteed.

Ready to join Kanyata? Here's how to get started

It couldn't be easier to start raising funds with Kanyata. Just follow the steps below.

  • 1Fill out our initial assessment form
  • 2We'll contact you within 48 hours to discuss
  • 3Plan your CSO, launch it, and raise up to ₪6 million
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To start trading on Kanyata, just create your free online account. You can be up and investing within 15 minutes.

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